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My First Apartment has a second home — on Facebook!

You’re probably wondering what took us so long, right? Well, ya know, we had to paint, re-do the floors and get renters insurance just in case something broke! I kid, I kid.

But, seriously, we’re up and running and hope you’ll think about joining us! Considering that we have over 11,000 readers every month, we thought a FB page would be a swell way for you all to get in touch with one another, provide support, and maybe even meet a neighbor or two.

It would also be great to see where you all are living or thinking about living, so be sure to post photos and/or videos! We’re also looking into planning a meet-up event at some point in the near future within the NYC area, so feel free to pipe up if you have any suggestions.

Finally, thanks again for reading My First Apartment. It’s a heck of a good time to write about apartment living – but it’s even better knowing that we’ve been such a helpful resource to ya’ll. As always, if you have any more Q’s for our mailbox or just want to leave a comment, we’re all ears over here:)

MFA over and out!

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I've lived in apartments in 6 cities (including 2 foreign countries). Does that make me an expert? As of now, my ceiling isn't leaking and I don't have rodents (knock on wood) -- so I'm going to say yes . . . but ask me again tomorrow:) These days, I'm enjoying life Chicago style, but my years in Brooklyn are never far from my mind. P.S. By day I work at, but these opinions are totally, 100% my own.

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