Haven’t found your dream apt for Sept? Wait for October!

G’morning fellow apartment dwellers/searchers!
There’s a good chance you’ve already signed and sealed a deal for September 1. If that’s the case, congratulations. Uncork the bottle of bubbly and enjoy the feeling of piece a signed legal document aka a lease can hold. This post ain’t for you.
Nope, this is for my ya’ll who are freaking out that you haven’t found a place yet and were planning on moving Sept 1. If you’re worried about funds, this is me advising you to do everything you can to wait for Oct 1 or Sept 15th. September is by all accounts the busiest month to rent. It’s the capstone of the summer renting season and even in this economy, you are facing the highest level of competition all year round. Why deal with that when October, a far quieter month is so close?
Solutions for:
1) If you’re still living at home and can’t stand living at your parents one milisecond longer.
Friend, hold on. This is why Barnes and Nobles is open until 11pm! Oops, sorry, that was my pre-21 yr-old self talking. Scratch that — this is (one of the reasons) bars were invented! While the next month be anti-climatic, I promise you’ll find lower rents and better properties come October. So, take a trip, or take a long drive. . . but hold out!
2) If your lease at your current place ends Sept 1 but have some room with the landlord. . .
Well, that makes it tricky but — whose to say your landlord has even found your replacement yet? Maybe he/she’s sweating bullets too. If you’re not positive that your current abode has rented, why not give your landlord a call and see if they can extend your current lease for one more month. My current building is half full. . .so I’m thinking you have a pretty good shot!
3) If it’s the worse case scenario and you NEED a place by Sept 1.
Well, amigo – then you may just have to suck it up for a September lease. Having waited this long, you should still fair better than those who signed earlier in the month. If do you want to hold out, there is always the friends/family couch option for two weeks/one month. They may not be able to find you a job — but they can offer to give you shelter for a lil while which, you know, ain’t so bad!
Let me know how your search turns out!!

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