Use Networking To Score A Rad Pad

Hey ya’ll. So, it’s been an optimistic week; mostly due to some good networking. I used to think that networking was a bit sleazy — that it meant a type of tainted success based on who you were vs what you can do. Lately, though, life is just tough. So. . .if someone can help me, I’m all for it. It’s dawned on me, that while networking might open the door, my capable self is still going to have to walk through it and seize the opportunity.

Or, in my apartment’s case — seize that couch. And, printer.

Of course, I’m talking about networking with friends in terms of beefing up my apartment the easiest way possible: scoring used items from friends at little to no cost. For instance, a good friend is moving in with her cousin at the end of the month, and her cousin already has a nice couch. As such, the friend needs to unload hers at a reduced cost. Well, it just so happens that I have coveted this (originally $600) ikea gem since it first graced my life about 1.5 years ago. It’s maroon! It’s gorgeous! I have seen similar items on craigslist, but you never know for sure about bed bugs and it can be a real hassle coordinating times with a stranger. But…wahlaa! I’ve never been one for happy dances, but OMG my feet are a tappin’!

The second fortuitous event happened on friday night: I was at a friend’s having dinner and his roommate walked through with a box of ‘stuff’. A short discussion later led to him asking me if I needed everything from a desk lamp to a printer. Seeing as how I spent a good hour this past week at Staples trying to print just one copy of my resume. . .I jumped on it. Sure, I could have just broken down and bought a printer. . .but why waste $50?

My point is, make sure to talk to your friends about apartment needs. Whether you’re looking for a place or a printer — you’ll be surprised at how much ‘luckier’ you’ll be, with your friends’ (and their friends’) help.

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