Girl vs Rank, Disgusting Fridge

When I moved into my apartment, two roommates moved out and two(including me), moved in. As it was, one gal stayed on. I didn’t think too much about the fridge, as there were more important errands to run and, most importantly, a neighborhood to explore. Months passed. The roommate who moved in when I did decided to move out and a new one moved in. I’m sitting on the couch last week, watching my last TV show fix(anyone else gotten into West Wing again?!) and she says,

“You know, I really need some room in the fridge. I think I’m going to just take the bottom rung.”

At this point, fumbling with the pause button, I say,

“Well, why do you need to do that? We have never needed our own rows before?”

At which point, she gestures to the overly packed fridge and I stare with confusion. Because, she’s right, of course — but I know that I only have some fruit and veggies, some juice, hummus, and cheese. Which is what my 3rd roommate says too.


Turns out, we have nearly two paper grocery bags full of half-full condiments. Soy sauce. Salsa. 4 jars of Hellman’s Mayonnaise. Some have expiration dates from before I even moved in! Yuck. Looks like roommates moved out but their food stayed and everyone was too polite to toss someone else’s stuff. My advice? Don’t let ex-apartment mates continue hogging all the room in your fridge! If you feel like you’re not getting your fair space, check out with your roommates –chances are, they are totally unaware that there is a problem.

Also, it turns out that having my own individual space in the fridge is pretty darn convenient in terms of planning what food to buy/make for the week.
If you want to get super organized, you could even put dates on perishables, so you’ll know if it’s still safe to eat.

The other benefit? My shelf is always wiped clean and without weird refrigerator goo!

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