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If you’re having doubts about moving in with a random roommate, you should consider reading Oonagh O’Hagan’s new book, I Lick My Cheese. It’s pretty much worst case scenario stuff, but it will give you an idea how important it is to find a compatible roommate. That said, it sounds like pretty entertaining reading!

Culled from O’Hagen’s Flatmates Anonymous website, the notes give a taste of how quickly a roommate relationship can sour. Such notes include the book’s title (gross!), “Why is my bed damp??” and “I needed that Ham. Really needed it.” One roomie even goes so far as to say, “I hate you more than life itself!” Yikes.

Don’t get too freaked out — just view this book as the perfect example to demonstrate how important good communication is for roommate harmony. For instance, maybe your roommate comes from a household where food sharing is typical and she/he didn’t realize your living situation was different. Or, maybe they thought…your bed was theirs because they took a shower and hadn’t put their contacts back in? TOTALLY plausable! Ehh…if your roommate leaves your bed damp for ANY reason, it’s prob time to move out. Well, unless it was mutually intentional…(gross!)

As an aside, in my personal opinion, passive aggressive notes are a pretty stinky and lame way to try to solve a problem. Even if you and your roommate don’t see eye to eye on everything, here’s guessing that talking in person will make everyone a heck of a lot happier than fuming over chicken scratch notes!

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