My Roommate Wants Us to Live with Her Unemployed, Recovering Alcoholic Friend!? Help!

Yep, it’s been an exciting evening over here in Brooklyn. We have a room opening up July 1 and my roommate wants her friend to move in. While I was kinda looking forward to picking our new roommate(with her input, of course). . .this definitely put a damper on those plans. But, strangers can be scary(just check last week’s post!), so I also thought a friend once removed might be a good way to avoid drama.


The potential roommate came over tonight and one of the first things she asks is how often we drink; if we keep alcohol in the apartment; how often we have people over to drink etc.
She says she wants us to be a totally sober household. I start reeling at this — not because I’m a huge drinker, but because I do drink now and again, and I don’t want to change my living habits. I think my roommate was a bit surprised too, at her request. It was sort of unclearly left that if she needs to, she’ll get her own fridge. But. Um. Wow.

Then, after getting to the part where it was time to talk about work . . .turns out the lady is also unemployed! If some of ya’ll are just tuning in. . .I got my pink slip about a month ago (The company lost a $300,000 client. One week later, the company then lost 7 employees, those newest on the job) Since then, I’ve been using our dining room table as my personal office. It’s true, that I have two roommates, but thus far, said roommates have been out of the house during ‘working hours.’ Why should I have to change my routine when we could easily find someone who is employed? Wow.

Yeah…so my roommate is totally excited about having her friend live with us while I’m freaking out. I understand that alcoholism is a disease, but I really don’t want to have to change my living habits seeing as I already live her. Also, what about her paying rent!? I know that I have savings, but I know zilch about the financial standing of this girl. I guess this week will be about how to avoid World War III going down in my apartment. Triple Wow-Wow!

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  1. Avatar Rachel

    Dont do it I lived with an alcholic non workign room mate it is nightmare not just that what if she doesnt pay u rent and stays for free it can happen. Ther eis a law in some states that protect your room mates called squatters law meanign anyone staying over thirty days has rights to stay until you get them evicted it is more costly to evict and go to court then to trust your inner voice. You may have financial issues but this lady sounds not like good choice to add as a room mate.