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I can’t believe I’m typing this but . . . it looks like that Manhattan dream ain’t so far out of reach after all. Plenty of people prefer Brooklyn(myself included), but many of my neighbors are only here because the real estate across the river is too hot to handle. Not anymore!

The trouble with real estate prices is that there’s no great way to track prices because there’s no national or city-wide registry; Craigslist, meanwhile, often includes a lot of hidden fees. It kinda leaves you thinking. . .if only bigger guns were trying to figure out what the real estate market is really like right now. Enter the NY Times with some great news about rents. Earlier this year, rents for one-bedrooms in buildings with a doorman were down significantly, but not much else. And, how many of us are gonna get that set-up anyway?

Now the New York Times is saying that they’ve talked with enough real estate agents to make the claim that it’s possible to find a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan (BELOW 96th street!) for less than $2,000 a month! Ah-mazing. Of course the title of the article, “A Dive No More” is something cheesy and slightly out-of-touch, which is their M.O. when dealing with young 20-something New Yorkers, but that hardly matters right now. Manhattan is possible! Those of you who rather stay in the boroughs, 2-bedrooms in Astoria and Sunset Park also are about $1600, which, at $800 per person is totally do-able on a 35k salary.

Although, it must be said, if you’re moving from the Midwest, you still will be in for a shock. In order to be as honest as possible, this the centerpiece of the Times article are three Teach For America volunteer teachers, and this is how their amazing apartment is described:

“They split $2,195 in rent for three bedrooms and a living room large enough to have 20 of their closest friends over for a picnic dinner. Their apartment is a fifth-floor walk-up, but it has hardwood floors, exposed brick walls, an up-to-date kitchen with stainless-steel appliances, and what all three women refer to as their “pride and joy” — a combination washer/dryer in the renovated bathroom.”

Seriously, though, for NYC — it really is the dawn of a new era.

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