A beautiful apartment is possible no matter its size!

Coming from college, many of you might equate a small apartment with the dingy dorm you were were forced to live in with nary a stove for X number of years. I can see where you’re coming from: your new apartment is also tiny and not by choice. But, oh, is it SO different! Sure, you may live with a stranger, but it will be of your selection — not the housing office’s. And, this is key, no matter what size your apartment is, you’ll get to actually decorate it and make it yours. Paint the walls(with your landlord’s permission) and go Crate and Barrel crazy! Well, maybe more like Ikea crazy, but the alliteration worked better for C & B. . .

Don’t believe me? Check out Apartment Therapy’s 5th Annual Smallest, Coolest Home Contest.

They have four different categories ranging from small to teeny-tiny (Kevin, the winner, of course lives in NYC in 210 square foot space). Kevin’s trick is to make sure all his furniture has a duel purpose; even his mirror server has adhesive hooks on the back for holding his mop and broom! He also looked into finding a bed with storage beneath it and put up a ton of wall shelves.

It may take a bit of trial in error in finding the right pieces for your space, but don’t let your lack of land get you down. It’ll just be an excuse to get creative:)

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  1. Avatar Tha Princess

    I love your blog! Thanks so much for this website…I’m moving out of my parent’s house and into my first apartment with my boyfriend and this has been a great help.