The PadMapper Maps Craigslist Ads aka is Best Apt Search Engine Ever!

So. . .I have a confession gentle blog readers: I secretly am kinda a techie nerd. Like, whenever I figure out a new computer program, I feel as if I’ve just run a half marathon. Well, what I imagine running a half-marathon might feel like. So, when I discovered the PadMapper, I got super excited. What’s the pad mapper? It’s pretty much what it sounds like – it’s a map that has red dots for all the Craigslist housing listings in the area. Instead of going through Craigslist searching by location, you can see all the locations right in front of your eyes. OMG I can’t wait to search for a new apartment! Well, not really. . .but gosh I wish this application existed when I was searching NYC like a crazy person last spring.

One piece of advice on how to use Pad Mapper, is to type the neighborhood you’re interested, not an exact address. Hilariously, I typed Park Slope. . .and what do you know. . .I got all these entries in Prospect Heights and Crown Heights. For everyone interested in Williamsburg, at least you’ll know when brokers assure you that they have places in there, but they’re really in Bed Stuy. Score one for the little guy!

Also, so you know, this is a national application. Try your city today!

**PS I did try search terms such as “Likes cooking”, “Clean” and “Neat”, but no dice. It’s too mappy to understand the terms. Maybe that’ll be the next Craigslist application!

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