Since when is it hard to find a subletter in NYC? Since Now!

Greetings from the new world.

What kind of world, you say? Well, apparently, it isn’t the world of obscene rental costs and banging your head against the wall because you aren’t getting chosen for a Craigslist Apartment. Which, you know, is great and all — unless you’re the one trying to sublet the room you’re already on the lease for.

A good friend of mine is moving back to Chicago from NYC because she was laid off and can’t find a new job. Sadly, it’s a familiar and all too common story. Last September she finally ended her Washington Heights lease and was thrilled to have the finances to look for a place either in Brooklyn or the Upper West Side. For $900 she couldn’t find anything in Park Slope, so she settled on a tiny room on the UWS, which fit a twin bed, a desk and not much else. At the time, she didn’t think she had a very good interview and was depressed that she probably wouldn’t get it. Yes, she was SAD that she wouldn’t be allowed the privilege of renting out a box for 900 big ones a month. But, she got it! And been loving the life up there — until now. She’s had a room listing up for three weeks now (ancient history in NYC time) and while she’s had people come by, no one has agreed to take it and she’s freaking out.

If you’re saying, but, wait, I’ve never lived in an apartment before, how does this apply? Well, it applies because if you don’t have a SOLID, STEADY, GOVERNMENT or NO-NONSENSE job, this is a good time to try to get a month-to-month arrangement with your landlord. In one New York neighborhood, Astoria (in Queens), this is fairly standard practice to begin with, so it’s not that odd. If you agree to give one-two month’s notice before you leave, it shouldn’t be too difficult a situation for them either.

Otherwise, you may be paying some $ consequences.


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