How to make that funky room smell go AWAY

So I wonder sometimes, if smells are like that age-old question, “If a tree falls in the woods and no one’s there to hear it, does it still make a sound?” Except I tend to become the woods after I live somewhere for awhile and need a new nose to tell me something stinks. Like, I’ve lived in my apartment for some time now, and I remember getting a candle the month after I moved in, as there was a funky smell in my bedroom right from the get-go. And I remember the candle not working so well – but then I became used to the smell and mostly forgot about it. The most I’d give the room now, is stuffy. My boyfriend would quickly disagree. He’s nearly put an ultimatum that I fix the stink or we’ll be sleeping at his place for the indefinite future.

I looked around and aside from the obvious suggestions, like, sweep, vacuum, CLEAN, there were a few surprising ideas as well.

1)Use distilled White Vinegar. Leave a bowl of this guy in the smelliest part of the room overnight and it’ll absorb it so that the air is super fresh the next morning!

2)Clean/change the light bulbs. If you smoke(or the person who lived in the room before you did), there’s a good chance those bulbs have picked up the odor. When you turn on the light and the bulb gets hot, that smell becomes super pungent.

3)Re-paint the Room. Make sure to wash the walls(!) and then cover the walls with the new paint. Yes, it’ll have its own initial odor, but it will definitely be worth it later on!

4)Change filters. A filter by design does just that – it filters out air. Sometimes. . .things get stuck. So if you have heating or cooling ventilation, give it a good whiff in case the odor is disseminating from there.

5)Open the window while you go to work AND leave your door open. This one. . .I thought was obvious at first, but the length of time surprised me – and I definitely would have forgotten to leave my door open. Cross ventilation. . .Genius!

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