Bad Roommate Story of the Week

Hello All! So, in addition to helpful tips on how to move and furnish your new apartment, every now and then I feel obliged to share a roommate story or two. This week’s stories compete in the genre of “worst roommate ever.”

The NYC Wannabe Beethoven.

One of my work colleagues is a super sweet gal from the Midwest. Let’s call her Jackie. Jackie is constantly smiley, happy, and, very likely, a joy to have as a roommate. She found her roommate on Craigslist and they’ve gotten along fairly well – they even invested in a couch from together (a good, cheap furniture resource!). They share a cozy apartment on the Upper East Side of New York City and every free space was filled except for one small area of their living room. Jackie says that they’d talked about getting a bistro table as they didn’t have a table or chairs. Well. Jackie came back from her business trip last week and what did she find in her living room? A bistro set? Nope! A PIANO. A friggin’ PIANO. So. . .this not only means that they won’t be able to ever get a table and chairs, but she’ll be forced to hear her roommate bang on the keys at all the live long day. ICKY!

Giving Notice

Another friend of mine had a different roommate story last week. She lives in a three-bedroom and has had a cordial, albeit distant, relationship with her roommates. For instance, if one roomie is planning on having people over, they’ll send an email out the week before. So, this girl’s reading her email, la-ti-da, and sees she has one from her roommate that’d been sent out to a bunch of people. It went something like this: “Hey people! I’m having a going-away party next week so you better come and wish me well as I’m leaving New York forever on Wednesday! Adios!”

That’s sure one way of giving notice!

Do any of you have stories that can compete? If so, post away!

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  1. EAM

    I HAVE ONE……LETTING GRANBAbyDADDY STAY AT apt…everyone has own room…nothing going on in the hankypanky with the mom, but is a living night mare. All his uncle think I am their mother……get it……one down…one in Jan 1, and when Papa get his cabbage…next. This ride has gotten me dizzy. I am ready to get off.

  2. Anonymous

    Seems like people are so quick to trust living with a stranger. How do you know what they do in your room when you aer not there. Visit and let me know what you think. Don’t say I did not warn you.