Trying to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues!

I have a case of the January’s.

I’m home sick today, but the past couple of days have been real mopey. Perhaps I’m homesick as well. I miss my family and friends from home and don’t feel like I have a great lot to look forward to in ’09. How bad is it? Work is something I’ve been looking forward to, if only to give a break to the monotony. I’m not usually a very depressed person (feels like this is a line from a movie…), but winter is sinking into my skin. Without the layers of protection afforded by the glitz of the winter holidays, there’s little to stop the howling of the wind from tearing at my innards. Dramatic much? You may not know this about me, but I was in Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs in high school.

I’ve been talking with some friends about this, and think I need more events to look forward to/get excited about.
While the Death Cab for Cutie song they’re playing on Scrubs right now isn’t helping, I think planning a trip or a dinner out, even, could help things. Because, well, even though the winter seems endless, at least the window is open for escape. So, I’m going to head to the Inauguration in D.C. If that isn’t motivational, I can’t think what would be! And, I’m going to escape to the land of sun and oranges. . .and the New York elderly: Florida. My grandma lives there and while the plane ticket is on me, she’ll be providing everything else.

And, I’m going to spruce up the apartment and try to make it feel more inviting; I’m going to buy some plants. Cliche, I know, but they’re good reminders of spring, right. Good reminders of life? I don’t know how you guys are feeling post-new year, but I’ll keep you updated on my winter-beating strategies. Oh, I forgot one. Hot cocoa. There’s a little magic there, I think a nostalgic taste of kid-hood. I’ll drink to that.

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  2. Avatar Alissa

    Oh my GOSH! At first, Bridget, I admit, I wondered if this was real or just a fantasy item a la Disney land. But, it’s real. How totally cool. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Avatar Bridget

    I know this might sound like the most ridiculous contraption ever, especially when you live in an apartment and are lacking space, but if you like to drink hot chocolate, the Cocomotion is where it’s at. It’s shaped like a blender, and has a magnetic stir bar in the bottom, so you pour in your milk and cocoa, and about four minutes later, you have perfect temperature frothy cocoa. It’s amazing. It was an apartment-warming gift to myself to have a cocoa and movie party with friends. And at $20, it’s worth it, especially if you drink a lot of cocoa. Also – stock up on those little mint candy canes and hang them inside the glass of cocoa for a minty touch :)