Tips for helping you survive being home for the holidays!

Greetings fellow apartment-ites!

If you’re anything like me — you’ve been home for about a week and are getting a bit claustrophobic. It’s the first time I’ve been back in the ‘burbs without a car(ie escape plan) since high school. Actually, my senior year I bought a used car with the money I’d saved from working at the local shoe store, so even then was a different story. I’ve actually never been stuck at my parents house for 11 days.

I don’t know what day you guys are at, but I’m at day 5. And, on one hand it’s been great to put my debit card on hold and enjoy the traditional human ritual known as family bonding. But, my family is also kind of crazy. Like, unafraid to cause a public scene crazy. So, here are some realizations I’ve had thus far and hopes for the future. If you have any additional tips, feel free to share.

1) Moms enjoy flowers. If you’re in the doghouse, or think you might be soon, get the lady some pretty, bright, living organisms.
2) The town library still exists – and I forgot how fun reading is. Living and working the hours I do, I tend to pop in a movie or read newspapers when I have spare time. I’m currently reading the new Junot Diaz book, The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao which recently won the Pulitzer Prize and it’s amaaazing. Highly recommended!
3) Shopping at malls cuts the time spent doing said activity in half. Um. Gap is next to Macy’s which is next to Crate and Barrel. Not all over Manhattan!
4) Target. Go. Go often. Buying your advil in bulk has never been easier.
5) Take a walk around your neighborhood. Embarrassingly, I forgot that nature was so peaceful.
6) Deep breaths are powerful animals.

7) Smile — pretty soon you’ll be able to ignore calls and return to sleeping in until noon. For now, just remember that your family loves you!

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