My roommate got fired. . .now what?!

My roommate got laid off. . .and has taken over the apartment! Now what!?

So, tis the season to be. . .laid off. Or, at least so says all the major news outlets. While most of us early to mid twenty-somethings have been spared because, lets be honest, we’re not worth much, many of us haven’t been so lucky. And some of our roommates haven’t been so lucky. Which means they’ve started hanging out in their pj’s in the apartment 24/7.

It’s a tough spot, because on one hand, um, their whole life is now in chaos. Without a job, financial independence becomes dicey. And, especially if you’re in New York where rent is obscene to begin. . . dropping $700+ on rent is a big deal. But, on the other hand, its common space. . .

Wow, I can’t even type that without feeling like a complete jerk.

I was thinking I’d write this blog and advise those of you in this position to try to reason with your roommate. But, I think those of us who still have jobs may need to be the accommodating ones in this case.
It’s the right, if inconvenient thing to do. If your roommate is your friend, you’ll need even more sensitive kid gloves. It’s a tough time to be an adult, but as much as I’ll deny that title on a regular basis, uh, I kinda am. WE kinda are. And, it may be even harder for us as we’ve never been directly affected by a recession and certainly not a recession of this magnitude. Our grandparents lived through much worse and talking with my grandma, she seems more optimistic than any of my friends. Her logic is that we’ve pulled through tough times once and we can do it again.

So, with that can-do spirit, maybe we can both try to be the better human in our apartment these days. Maybe in our cities in general. People are scared and frightened about the future and often when people feel such uncertainty, they act in ways they don’t really mean. Speaking for myself, I know that I can grow in the whole ‘being patient’ area. And. . .I should probably start thinking about donating to a food bank. Yeah, there are alot of things I’d like to buy, but other folks, perhaps like your roommate, have it a whole lot worse.

Let’s hope for a better 2009. Fingers crossed.

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