So, is my boyfriend annoying my roommates?

As we head into dating hibernation season (i.e. winter), I thought now might be a good time to revisit the subject of the roommate significant other issue. And, it’s a doozy. Sure, summer flings had their drawbacks, never knowing who was going to walk through the door next. They’d be here today and gone tomorrow. But there’s a reason why there’s no such thing as a winter fling; the carousel of love is in tune with Mother Nature and everyone just, well, seems to bundle up and disappear come the first frost. This means that the 2008-2009 love of your roommate’s life is going to be around for a few months, so get used to it…or not.

I was re-reading through old postings about the long-term roommate bf/gf dilemma and there’s a whole lotta of pain circling round this topic as well as a few suggestions. Some take a pretty extreme approach, like the commenter who said that when she repaid her college loans, she was going to move to the Adirondacks to have the World’s Best Roommate: Nature. Some just learn to deal with the bf/gf problem like the dude who had a sound solution for noisy neighbors – it’s a downloadable white noise program which you can instantaniously get to your computer, chock full of WBR’s BEST OF tracks. There’s too much ‘wild bird’ for me, but I did enjoy the Tropical Shore clip.

Luckily, in my current apartment, my roommates don’t have boyfriends. In fact, I’m the jerk of Apartment 3. And, I worry about it sometimes. Are we being too noisy (don’t get any funny ideas now!)? Is it okay for him to let himself in and wait for me to come home? Is he over too much? You get the idea.

I suppose I just hope that I’m being a good roommate, especially as I’m only around a few nights a week, but I’m sure that both of them have had some issues, though I really wouldn’t know as we don’t so much communicate with one another (think I’ve said this before). What’s been your biggest pet peeve with a roommate’s gf/bf? What have you done to overcome it?

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