I am thankful for . . .a pretty great living situation!

I realize that many of my posts are about problems. My apartment’s too small. My apartment’s too expensive. My apartment has a leak etc etc. As my Yiddish speaking grandfather would say, I’m a bit of a kvetcher (complainer). So this Thanksgiving week, I am going to look on the bright side, for there still is a great deal that I have to be thankful for. I live in New York City for goodness sake!

I am thankful . . .

  • My apartment has a roof! I was just watching Barefoot in the Park, you know that zany Robert Redford and Jane Fonda movie, where Rob looks totally hotter than Brad Pitt’ll ever be? Well they’re newlyweds living in NYC — and their skylight has a huge hole so they get snow in their living room. Not me!
  • My roommates aren’t kleptomaniacs. It’s true, we still don’t have a tremendous bond. I won’t be crying to them about life’s hard knocks, but they’re considerate humans. They don’t eat my food, they don’t have people over until 5am, and they buy toilet paper when we run out. Really, what more can you ask for from a roommate you met off craigslist?
  • While slightly stained, I have a comfortable couch. This time last year, I had a bad cold. Bad enough, that I used a vacation day to miss work. I was sitting on my old roommate’s red velvet couch from the 1970s ruing the day I told her that couch was cool. That couch was not cool. It was too low to the ground and I could feel the springs in it every time I sat down. The couch I have now is soft and plush and I love it!
  • I am able to live in my first choice neighborhood. This, friends, was pure good luck. I love Park Slope. I do. The wider streets, the proximity to Prospect Park, the cute breakfast places . . . A good friend of mine tried to move here over the summer and couldn’t find anything in my price range. So, she’s on the upper west side paying $900 for a room big enough to fit a twin bed, while I have a double and room for a dresser, desk, 2 closets, and plenty of extra room!
  • I am two blocks from the train. ‘nuff said.
  • My landlord, while spacey, is receptive to complaint and fixes sh*t. Also, he didn’t raise my rent when I nicely asked him not to. Score. Bigtime.
  • I was going to be thankful for the MTA, but now I have to wait and see if they’re going to screw all NY’ers over with these route cuts and fare hikes. So close to being on the list, MTA! So close!
  • You! Yep, you read that right, you! It’s great knowing that I have a lil apartment community over here in case amidst my own advice giving, I can get a lil somethin’, somethin’ too. Thank you for all your warm-hearted help, this year!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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