Are you voting on Tuesday, November 4th? I am!

As I’m sure ya’ll are aware, there’s this little thing called an ELECTION this Tuesday. Hot damn! Are you voting? You better! While it’s too late to remind you to register, or to remind you to apply for an absentee ballot, I can remind you to SEND IN YOUR ABSENTEE BALLOT TODAY, MONDAY, NOV 3!

Also,I can assist you in finding your correct polling location. If you’ve forgotten where it is, or have any questions, you can go here and find out where you need to be.

For many of us, this is the first election we’ll be voting in where we have full—time jobs. Make sure to talk to your employer about coming late/leaving early on Tuesday to make sure you can get to the polls. With so much enthusiasm, the lines are likely to be long, but there’s more to be an adult than renting your first place away from home, and away from college. Voting is both your privilege and obligation, so don’t disappoint us, America’s youth!

If you want to get more involved, both sides are setting up local phone banks. The New York Times ran an article about how both McCain and Obama supporters are using their phones to make sure that their candidate gets as much man-power as possible. Especially if you live in a state where you feel your vote may not matter as much, phone banks are a great last-minute opportunity to get involved!

I spent 3 hours of my Sunday calling voters in Pennsylvania for Obama (Yes, I’m partisan, I admit) – and when I heard a 58 year-old woman scream with glee when she heard who I was calling for – it was a feeling unlike one I’ve ever felt before; I felt like I mattered. And you can, too.

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