When is roommate drama worth the fuss? Ever?

So, another friend has another apartment dilemma. You must be thinking, wow, that Alissa chick sure has a bunch of knucklehead friends. Well, I might. However, let it be said that friends also know that I write this blog so often the conversation tends to hit home. Literally.

She just moved into a new apartment on the Upper West Side. It’s a great location, she can handle the rent, the three roommates, and so forth – what she cannot handle is the 4th “roommate,” a friend of one of the roommates who seems destined to live in the common area until hell freezes over. And, it’s not just that. She and the actual roommate cook all the time. They use pots as virtual Tupperware containers in the fridge, and they leave lights on constantly. Essentially, her apartment has been taken over by a housing pirate.

There is a small silver lining, in that the person who is on the lease and who pays the electric bills (they play a flat rate per month) is the one and only decision maker, but having him decree anything would invariably bring drama. Supposedly, the actual roommate is nice and my friend likes her well enough. But, a three week house-guest is extreme in any city/situation. In New York, it’s bordering on obscene.

When is drama worth the cost? Have you guys ever created drama and were happy with the results? Ever wish you’d just kept quiet? My friend doesn’t know whether to speak up before any more time passes in the apartment that barely fit four people, let alone five. But, then again, an apartment where one of your roommates hates your guts, might just be worse.

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  1. Freya

    I think that you have to measure which one will cause less drama, your inner turmoil or outright hatred from other roommates. In your friend’s case though, I cannot stand loafers. You have to put some money up, clean, or move the F* out.