20-somethings are thrifty — because we have no other choice

I don’t know if ya’ll have been reading the New York Times of late, but they’ve recently created a mini section entitled, “Design Inspiration from Students.” Sometimes, I find the tone of the NYTimes to be a little ridiculous, in that way older people often look at younger people. Like, ‘kids these days are just so innovative,’ when really kids these days are just broke and are using a futon frame they find on the street as a towel rack simply because they cannot afford a towel rack. Not because they necessarily feel like being innovative. Hmm, perhaps I’m becoming cynical in my old age.

However, the article “High Gloss Meets Urban Noir” lays it on pretty thick, even for the NYT. Its subjects are two young twenty-somethings who basically are self-starters and have made a lot of damaged goods look new again in their home. The article ends, though, with a quote about a “damaged” bunny rabbit that the couple picked up because it was ‘the most antisocial bunny at Petland Discounts’. The couple thought, ‘aww, nobody’s going to love him.’ So they took him home.”

I mean, yes, many of us young 20-somethings are making something from nothing, but do you have to wring such drama from our day-to-day lives?! Geez.

In any case, the Times didn’t just pick random students off the street – most of them go to art school and while at first all their efforts seem overly complicated, there seems to be a common ingredient. Painting. I mean, I can hold a paintbrush as well as the next guy—and this makes me feel better about myself. Sometimes, when I read about people who fix-up their house, I get depressed because I think that there is no way I could ever do something similar. Well, I can paint. Yesirree.

Also, in case you are wondering what “shellac” is, it’s varnishing. Go to your local hardware store and you too, can make even the dullest of woods shiny and new. Maybe it’s all the crazy economy talk of late, but while the adjective ‘scrappy’ always sounded cool and creative, now it sounds a bit sad.

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