Lease Negotiations –“True Life” Part Two…Victory!!!

When our story left off, I had just called my ‘new’ landlord to see, well, what the heck was going on. Would we be able to keep living in our oh-so-affordable $900(!!) a month apartment or…would I need to look for a new place pronto? Well, he finally called me back. Allow me to give you a few excerpts from our Monday night phone conversation:

Me: “Hi there…so, I moved into the apartment in April and never had the chance to introduce myself. My name’s Alissa and I really love living in your apartment. We haven’t received a new lease yet, and I was wondering if it was en route.”

Him: “Oh, right…it expires when?”

Me: “In a week, October 1”.

Him: “Oh, right yes well we’re working on it and will be sending it over– “

(Notice, I cut him off before he even started talking about rent)

Me: “Well, the thing is, my roommates and I really love living here, we always pay our rent on time, and are really very responsible tenants and we just cannot pay anymore than we are now. Is there any way we can keep the same rate for next year?”

Him: “Hmm, how much are you paying now?” (True story, I kid you not, he did not even know!)

Me: “$2700 for a 3-bedroom.”

Him: “Well, that seems fine to me. We can keep it at that rate. Also, does anything need to be fixed in the apartment? I can come by this week and take a look.”

I did not say this, but I was shocked. UTTERLY shocked. Not only was I going to be able to keep my apartment, BUT we were actually going to get things fixed! Amazing! This amazement only increased last night. He mentioned that he was doing an apartment viewing for one of the Apts downstairs and would stop by. I was in my room for an hour – came out – and there was a new lease on the kitchen table!? He stopped by later to look at what needed to be fixed and we may even get a new oven (the metal rod that allows one to open the oven had come unscrewed at one end). Plus, we’ll be getting the paint recoated in the living room and possibly a new lock.

I feel like I just won the apartment lottery in New York, of all places!

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