Lease Negotiations –“True Life” Part One

I’ve lived the past month afraid of my mailbox. I’d pass it on my way to work, wondering Will Today Be The Day I Learn I Can No Longer Afford My Apartment? It’s a pretty horrible feeling, especially living in New York where the housing market is insane. But, day after day, nothing has come. Actually, mail for past roommates has arrived — but that’s it.

Did my landlord totally forget he owned my cozy 3-Bdrm apartment?

It seemed impossible that we’d just keep paying the same rent on a month-to-month basis and nothing would ever be said about it one way or another. So, I began to survey friends and coworkers. What would they do if they REALLY could not afford a rent increase but didn’t want to get kicked to the curb when the landlord realized which end was up. The votes were mixed, some saying not to worry about it — that they had my security deposit after all. Others favored the more personal route of contacting the landlord and preempting the new lease negotiations with plea to keep the rent as is.

I tell you, Gentle Blog Readers, it was a tough call. My roommates weren’t much help, preferring to worry about the present as opposed to the future. One reasoned that the rent couldn’t be raised without written notice and was content to leave it at that, though she did provide me with the landlord’s phone number she had been given by a previous roommate (she hadn’t had contact with him in months).

Finally, I decided that I tend to do pretty well with issues of personal contact. I know my strengths, and while astronomy is not one of them, getting along with people is. I took a deep breath — and called into the void.

Yeah, I got his machine. As soon as I get a call back, I’ll be sure to let you know what happened!

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