Another Commute Consideration When You Look for Apartments

In terms of convenience, we all have our levels of need vs. desire. And, I don’t think I knew mine until this morning. When I was looking for an apartment, I just considered time in terms of, well, the length of time it would take to get to work. Simple. If an apartment was over an hour from my office, they were nixed. See-ya, I need my beauty sleep. Adios.

However, I never really thought about the nature of the commute. The commute from my apartment isn’t as bad as it sounds when I tell people that I have to take three trains and then walk 15 minutes. The three trains part IS true – but the first transfer is on the same platform so it’s painless. My boyfriend lives near the last stop of the N train, but by near, it’s still a 12-15 minute walk. Plus the walk from the bus to the train. Plus transferring. Plus another 15 minute walk. That’s a heck of a lot of walking before I have my morning coffee.

I can’t imagine living so far away from the train, especially at night, but my bf seems to enjoy it. In fact, he loves the neighborhood and wishes I felt the same.
So, as you look for your new apt, do consider your methods of transportation. Maybe a 45 minute commute on one train is easier for you than a half hour commute using three trains. In fact, whether you walk into you office plucky or sullen may depend on it. As for me, I’m trying to negotiate us staying at my apartment on the weekdays…

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