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I’m really into walls these days — and all their crazy potential. So, this is a two-parter from earlier this week where I wrote about temporary walls (ie. the best invention since sliced bread). Walls. Sure, you can hang pictures on them, but there has to be more, well, to do with them. Like, you know how when you were a kid, you’d put stickers on the wall and it’d double as the living masterpiece of your sticker prowess. Maybe you were artsy and your parents even let you doodle on the wall, like a now MFA painting grad friend of mine.

Here are some other ways you can best use the space as well as make the apartment feel like your own.

The first, is a fairly nerdy assignment: It teaches you how to turn your wall into a dictionary (it beats flashcards for learning vocab any day!). The look is unique, and both modern and a throwback to old books and dictionaries. For those kids who hear summer and think “summer book club” – this project is for you(er and me).

The second how-to is brings out the wine connoisseur in all of us — it’s also space efficient! It’s a mounted wine rack to give your wall more personality. It’s also super easy to build and for all us ex-beer drinkers in college, it’d be a nice incentive to try to expand our horizons a bit.

The last wall trick is for the decorator who can’t paint and still wants to add a bit of affordable, low-effort pizazz to their wall. Enter the wall decal. Or, as this company like to call it a “wall slick.” They’re rather sophisticated (or, just fun!) but are a great way to touch up any room. I was in a friend’s apt last night and she had one over her bed instead of a headboard. Good thinking!

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