Apartment Magic: Turn Your 1BR into 2BR

Apartment magic? Yes. Really! I know many friends who found great one-bedroom spaces but needed it built for two to pay rent. Depending on how handy you are, you can build it yourself. Or, you can call for help!

Only in New York would you find this as the first text on a company’s website: “We are known to our many satisfied customers simply as THE WALL“. Well, that not necessarily true — in other places this company might sell some kind of alarm system, but this is what they do here:

“We[The NY Wall Company] started in 1995 with an idea to design a room divider system that would lessen the heavy cost of New York City apartment living. This temporary wall system would allow roommates to share an apartment and each have their own room. Today our Pressure Walls still do that and so much more.”

A Pressure Wall?! Really? Sounds kinda complicated and I’m sure no builder…can that really work for me?

Personally, I’m not so handy . . .and neither are my friends. The City Hammer has an explanation of how these walls work as they want you to understand why they work before you get one installed, which frankly I think is pretty good business.

I know, I’m throwing alot at you and it may seem overwhelming(sorry!). When this happens to me, I like a good graph or pie chart. So, here’s a handy website with a rating system for these walls that includes customer feedback. Ahhhmazing!

You should know, that most of these companies only ‘rent’ the pressurized walls and you should investigate how long the lease is – especially if you think you might only be living in the space for a short time. Something also to keep in mind is sound-proofing. Definitely ask if insulation is possible!

Finally, if you’re still hesitant and think this concept sounds a bit too labor-intensive, you should know that even the golden gods at the New York Times wrote about this new living phenomenon last year. Seeing other ‘average joes’ like me do it was pretty encouraging, so you might want to give the article a read.

So, what do ya’ll think? Has anyone attempted this? Also, are you happy with the results?

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