You’re sick. . . is your Apartment prepared?

Staying warmIt’s been an interesting apartment week, in that I spent more hours in my apartment this week than ever before. Well, there are two obvious reasons that come to mind as to the cause, and unfortunately it’s the less fun reason — I was really sick. I’d gotten my third HPV vaccine and had a horrible allergic reaction to it. Fever, hives, yick. I’m talking the getting-off-the-couch-is-akin-to-running-a-5K sick. And, it was then that I really wished my apartment was better prepared for such sickness.

I’ve always had a beef against the thermometer because I’ve always felt like, I KNOW when I’m sick, why do I need a little line of mercury to tell me so? Well, one needs a thermometer because when is on the phone with the doctor’s office, they ask you if you’ve had a fever — and make little squirrel noises on the other line when you say Yes, but I don’t know how high because I don’t have a thermometer. It’s embarrassing. Plus, my doc thought I might have meningitis as I had such a stiff neck — and that is a virus with which one does not mess around

Benadryl / Allegra / Anti-histamine:
While it’s true that my body is allergic to the world(Okay, bed bugs, cats, mold etc), that I was allergic to this immunization was still a surprise. But, when I awoke on Saturday morning with hives on both arms, my chest, and face, thank GOD I had Allegra in a bottle on my nightstand. It stopped the hives and I was able to go back to sleep. In my other life, as a poet, I wrote a poem once about allergies, about how some find us early, some late, and some never at all. But, being prepared just in case is really important.


First Aid Kit:
While you are at it, you might also pick up one of those Red Cross First Aid Kits, to have some band-aids and alcohol swabs on hand when you try to break in your those new trojan(who decides these fashions?!) sandals.

Unless you live by yourself (and um, like two people I know do), roommates are a great resource for entertainment. While it may be natural to keep ones toys in the bedroom for safekeeping, sharing resources is pretty awesome — and way cheaper than renting. Luckily, one of my roommates owns both Sportsnight Season 1 and Friends Season 3(i forgot how funny Friends is!), so I was set. Add to that the two Netflix movies which came right to my door…at least I could keep distracted.

Comfortable Couch:
Okay, now you’re probably thinking, “C’mon, Alissa”, now you’re really reaching. But, I tell you, this last bout of sickness was so much nicer with a comfy couch. My last couch was pretty, but also pretty spring-y and just bad on the ‘ol bod. Think about this when you are debating saving the extra $. You will thank yourself later — and that is a promise.

Well, let’s cross our fingers, I’ll be less house-bound this week. And…maybe our toes, too!

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