Welcome to Brooklyn, IKEA!

That’s right, gentle readers. The Venga Bus er IKEA is coming to Brooklyn!

Actually, it celebrated its grand opening this past weekend. They had some wicked cool promos, like $1000 gift cards if you had the foresight to print out a precious little form and bring it to the store this past weekend. BUT, for all of you that didn’t feel like battling it out with the throngs of other New Yorkers who invaded the BK over the weekend, there are still some exciting treats to be had, especially this random game involving finding IKEA boxes.

Find the IKEA box with the super secret code and text it to the specific number, and many an IKEA treasure can be yours. Not too shabby! So, far this girl detective has found all five clues but…apparently I’ll have to be satisfied with my ‘winning’ personality as I’m no instant winner.

But, promos aside, that IKEA has finally opened within New York City limits is hella exciting. Hella? Sorry, apparently the few years I spent in Boston are overtaking my vocabulary right now. But, it IS exciting — though only time will tell if it will live up the hype. My problem, thus far, with apartment furnishing-shopping in New York is never knowing whether what I need will be in stock. The Atlantic Center’s Target is undeniably a key culprit in this phenomena, but it’s not the only culprit. Century 21 in Manhattan is just as bad. So, if this IKEA could really, somehow, manage to stay ahead of the masses and actually stay stocked, that may make life UBER easier for lower Manhattan and Brooklyn residents. Plus, going to NJ for furniture is rather lame.

What’s kind of shocking, is that even the MTA even realizes what a big deal IKEA’s arrival is; they’ve altered two bus routes to get the residents to IKEA. You can take the B61 or B77 which stops off right in front of the store, take the IKEA shuttle which picks ups from the 4th Ave/9th St, Smith/9th Street and Court St/Borough Hall subway stops. . . heck you can even take the water taxi. More details are available here.

Basically, IKEA should provide a furnishing boon to Brooklyn — and I can’t wait to benefit. Huzzah!

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