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Looking at Apartment Therapy’s website last week made me wonder just what other type of resources are out there. If you didn’t check out Apartment Therapy last week, or even if you did, they’re currently showcasing the winners of their annual Small, Cool, Apartment contest. The contest is really, pretty rad and definitely should silence anyone’s doubts that living in a small space automatically means discomfort and bumping into corners at every turn. There were a bunch of interesting entries(which are definitely worth perusing) but the winner is a couple in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. If you’re still being a hater, doubting that you could ever create such loveliness, check out entry #25, Lauren’s First Post-College Grown- Up Digs:

That can so be you!

Moving away from Apartment Therapy, a site that I recently found that I’m guessing other New Yorkers have been gaining inspiration from for years is New York Magazine’s home design guide. While their budgets are miles away from mine, I like the home articles, even if it is in a window shopping sort of sense. Check out this article that emphasized small living spaces and, if you read between the lines, makes an important point. The apartment owner has been “gathering” since he was 14. We of the first apartment should start collecting pieces we like now. Even I, the wanderer, have this great woven Spanish tapestry I bought in a small market in Granada as well as a beautifully painted bowl from Morocco, a chalk drawing of a flamingo from Prague that I’ve framed and, more recently, two painted decorative plates in Mexico. It’s not this fella’s collection, but it makes me happy and feel like I’m becoming more of an adult.

Our final find of the day is a site called Apartment Magic. It’s run by the fine people behind the do-it-yourself HGTV. They have a great top-ten list that I couldn’t agree more with, especially #6: Don’t think you have to define your grown-up style now AND # 10 Don’t confuse clutter with personality. I’ll be looking for other nifty sites but for now, enjoy!

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