Compromise, Compromise, Compromise

I went to Barnes and Nobles today looking for answers. I think I partly wanted to find a handy man hiding in the shelves. No such luck. I did find, however, more books written on the subject of Fung Shui than the total number of books that made the move with me. I was a bit overwhelmed, and realized that many of the books were focused on home owners; as I’m still a bit wary of even talking to my landlord, I don’t even know if I can paint.

So, I don’t know, gang. I mean, I know that I’ve always been very pro-active in all of my advice about apartment living, but maybe making the best of what I have is the way to go in this situation. I mean, I know, I know, that fixing something like the oven’s handle is important – but for how often I use it, is it worth it? Life is so busy…maybe this is just another type of compromise. Maybe expecting my apartment to be perfect is too high an expectation…as long as there are no bugs, plenty of hot water, and a roof (and btw the lock does work, it just sticks), maybe that’s enough.

While I was at the book store though, I did find some shiny pretty design books. I even found a new book by the creators of the nifty design-focused website Apartment Therapy. Their new book shows a wide range of different rooms and was a pretty hearty dose of inspiration, at least for my imagination . It shows ‘real people’, not super talented designers, and profiles both their apartments and themselves. One of the rooms was an office that instead of wall paper was decorated with post-it notes as a collage! It also made me check out their website again managed by folks a bit older, wiser, and more together than us. No offense, us.

Also, thanks so much for your comments, esp the Park Slope advice! It’s good to hear from ya’ll!

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