Using Craigslist: A Sample Email That Got Results

In my last post, I gave suggestions about what attributes made a good response to a Craigslist Apartment listing. Today, you get to see the email that ‘won’ me the chance to meet my now future-roommate for my now-future apartment(I move in Wednesday!!)

Subject: Park Slope Apartment!


My name’s Alissa, I’m 25(f), originally from Chicago, though lovin’ the life here, as well as my job doing communications for a non-profit located in Midtown. I’ve lived a bunch of places, Ireland, Spain, went to school in Boston, and I like going out and exploring. I’ll likely be hanging round the apt only 2ish nites a week m’self as I’m fairly busy as well as sporadically on weekends. Ideally, it’d be great if we could be friends, but I also have a pretty good social network here so I’m pretty much set. In terms of activities, I do improv(comedy) and write fiction. Right now i’m in a sublet in Park slope that ends soon but really love this area so am looking for a way to stay…(People tend to also want to know why you are leaving your current housing arrangement.)

Personality-wise, I’m real easy going, a bit sarcastic at times, and know what’s needed in being a good roommate(ie, I won’t drink your last coke and I know how to buy the all-important tp). I’m neither a clean freak nor a slob and while my room may alternate between whirlwind and organized, I totally respect the common areas and keep them fairly neat( for full disclosure purposes,I may leave a book or jacket lying around occasionally if I’m in rush.).

I’m trying to think of what else to add…no bf, so a random dude won’t be hanging around…I have good credit and, yep, stable job….well, i suppose if you have other questions please feel free to ask. I’d also be happy to put you in touch with my current roommates if you’d like a reference. If you think this might work, i’d love to stop by the apt sometime and chat. Oh, and my # is XXX-XXX-XXXX(Yeah, you guys shan’t be getting my real digits but DO give it in your email. It shows that you’re serious about the place).



**I know that I write for a living and that it may be easier for me to carry a conversational tone than some. However, the information is just as important. After reading my email, the person reading should know enough about me to determine whether or not they want to meet me.
**They also know that 1) I’m employed, 2) Have good credit, 3) Am aware that a respect is required in being a good roommate, 4) Have hobbies outside hanging out at the apt 24/7 and 5) am friendly enough to answer any more questions.

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  1. Priscilla (@prismonic)

    Yes very helpful. I’ve been sending a lot of formal responses and much shorter, just the deets, and am surprised by this, especially the laidback writing style. Will keep trying.