My Permanent Apartment Search Begins( for real)!

Never being a very patient person(maybe it IS good I moved to New York), I’ve started the housing search for May 1. I’ve also reasoned that if I find a perfect place, I’ll settle for paying April’s rent as in investment in personal sanity. Thus far, I’ve seen three places, two of which would be to fill a room, one of which was a vacant two bedroom. These are my impressions . . . at the very least let’s say that New Yorkers sure are “creative” in their housing!

*I’ve developed a rating system of 1-10 for various categories to help me find a grand tally to compare the various abodes, with 5 being ‘decent’ or ‘livable’.

4 bed, 1 bath, with 3 guys, $750:
Location: 4.5 –it’s closer to the F train, but I’ve been taking the R to work so no points there. It’s also an extra two block walk to the R. However, it is closer to the center of Park Slope which is nice…but it’s the extra minutes in the morning that kill me, not the extra strolling down the avenue. It’s a top floor apartment.
Bedroom: 7 – It fits a full bed, a desk, a small love seat, and has a window!!! The closet is outside the room, but by NY standards, it’s a gem of a room. However, it is next to two other bedrooms so that might not be so great. Still, the size of the room and window are huuuge pluses.
Apartment Layout: 4 –There’s one smallish common area for four people and no table for the kitchen. Also, while there’s a flat screen tv, the couches look gross. Also, the bathroom is in the kitchen, so that’s going to be a heavy traffic area. Not a ton of sunlight in common area.
Roommates: 2.5 – Part of that rating isn’t their fault. I mean, what chick WANTS to live with three dudes? Plus, they all work 9-5 so they’ll be around in the evening. Also, while one seemed nice, and one seemed ok, one guy seemed downright surly.
Rent: 8
Random + or -? – 1. No laundry in the building. The apartment itself is kinda dingy. But it is furnished so + 1.

Grand total: 22/50

3 bed, 1 bath, 1 guy/1 girl, $690
Location: 10 –it’s close to the F AND R train(closer to Manhattan), plus is in the center or Park Slope. Also, it’s real close to the Food Coop I now belong to. I couldn’t ask for a better locale.
Bedroom: 2.5 – It fits a full bed. Period. Nada mas. Oh my gosh I don’t know if I can do this. At least it has a window.
Apartment layout: 5 – On the one hand, there are two separate common areas plus a full kitchen! On the minus, it’s a railroad layout so you need to exit the apt and go into the hallway for me to reach either the kitchen, bathroom, or MY CLOSET. I’m picturing getting dressed in the morning in the middle of the dining room. The common area closest to me DOES get a ton of sunlight though
Roommates: 8 – They both seem really sweet and awesome – and not neat freaks. Also, both are super busy, so that means more apt time for me! I get a very good vibe. Also they’ll let me put a dresser in the common area
Rent: 9
Random + or -: The whole railroad thing gets a – 4, but it is furnished so that’s a plus 1.

Grand Total: 31.5/50

2 bed, 1 bath, 1 guy(who I’ve met and we’re casually looking for a two bedroom together ie no commitment). $850
Location: 10 – close to F and R, center of Park Slope.
Bedroom: 3. Super tiny!
Apartment layout: 6.5 No quirks here, but it is petit. At least there is a modest kitchen separate from the living room.
Roommate: 8 – The guy I met is really cool. I don’t think I can give a roommate I haven’t known before higher than an 8 caus you just don’t know…so let’s consider 8 a good gut feeling.
Rent: 2.
Random + or -: -3. It was a dark apartment and looked kinda dirtyish, though not horrible. And the common area was tiny—especially for $850!!! Plus, we’d have to furnish it completely.

Grand total: 22/50

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