Mo’ Apartment Searchin / Mo’ Problems

It’s been a busy weekend! I’ve seen four places and the first two are below. While I wasn’t a huge fan of either, the tricky thing about this apartment search is that not only do I need to choose a place – but it(the roommates) must choose me. I’ll post about the other two shortly but for now…here goes!

2 bedroom, 1 bath, 1 girl + 1 ?(two rooms are open). $800
Location: 2.5. Prospect Heights, though a bit further north than the place detailed in the last post. The neighborhood feels sketchy and the chicken place below apparently closed a year ago and no one has moved in. With New York rent…that’s worrisome. As for transportation, it’s not off the F so getting to Carroll Gardens would be tough. It is close to other express trains though. It’s a top floor apartment.
Bedroom: 5. It’s trapezoidal?! WTF. How is this even possible? Or, who thought THAT was a good idea. My room in Chicago was partially hexagonal with the window, but this is crazytown. Also, the floor is tile and looks dirty.
Apartment Layout: 5.5 It’s small and the kitchen looks totally unappealing. Or, clean. At all. To prepare for visitors the girl who lives there made a big lunch or dinner? From a few days ago? And left the remains hanging out all over the kitchen. I’m no neat freak. Anyone can tell you that. But, I do wonder how she doesn’t have bugs. I mean, seriously. Also the living room common space(it ain’t no room) is directly in front of the bedroom doors. Loud, compadres.
Roommates: 1.5 — Wins the award for least favorite potential roommate yet! She looked high or wacky or something – maybe she fell off the ‘Extra’ truck for the movie Dazed and Confused
Rent: 8
Random + or -? – 1. No laundry in the building. The apartment itself
is kinda dingy. But it is furnished so + 1.

Grand Total: 21.5/50

3 bedroom, 1 bath. 2 girls. $800.
Location: 7. Upper West Side(80th and Broadway). Most people would probably give the UWS a higher score, but personally I prefer Brooklyn. It’s quieter there and that’s more my style.
Bedroom: 4. It fits a full bed and a small table(though not next to the bed as a nightstand). There is a communal, walk-in closet about 15 feet away but would I close the closet door to change? Hmm.
Apartment Layout: 8 . The apartment is small but the bedrooms are well separated and there is a small, actual living room + kitchen.
Roommates: 6.5. We don’t seem like we have much in common as both are in the early 30’s and have been living in New York for over 5 years, however they do seem nice and I bet we’d get along fine. We probably wouldn’t become friends though.
Rent: 8.
Random + or -? – 3. The Apartment doesn’t get much sunlight and really is quite small. Plus, there is a dog and I think I’d rather not deal with canines right now, thought it’s not a deal breaker.

Grand Total: 30.5/50

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