Checking Craigslist Like a Madwoman, But No Luck Yet

Well, no news juust yet. So, I’m still checking craigslist like a madwoman – I’m of the theory that if you respond immediately after the people post, they’ll actually read your reply. I’ve been invited to view most of the apartments I’ve sent queries to . . .I think that has to be a positive!

3 bedroom?(That there is a question mark there is problem #1), 1 bath, $700.
Location: 7. North Park Slope/Prospect Heights. It’s close to the B and Q which would be fine. Also, it’s walkable to Atlantic Ave which is commuter heaven.
Bedroom: 2. What is worse than a room that just fits a full bed? A room that just fits a twin lofted bed! AND is right off the kitchen. Oh, my.
Apartment Layout: 6 – Honestly, I didn’t see that much of it. A lofted bed is another deal breaker for me. I know, I’m too picky…or something.
Roommates: 2 – There’s a nice French woman – and her 4 year old son. Where in the post was that? I mean, I like kids, I’d be happy to babysit but…I wouldn’t have wasted time seeing the place had I know. ER.
Rent: 9. I think I need to stop even looking at places that are at this price. It just makes me sad…and more frustrated.
Random + or – -10 for having a little person! I’m fine sitting through those TLC housing shows my roommates want to watch but Big Bird? Nu-UH.

Grand Total: 10/50

2 bedroom,1 bath, $800.
Location: 5. South Park Slope, so is kinda far from the neighborhood action. Also, it’s closer to the R but still at my current stop, which is 2 stops too long I think. Also, it’s right next to the expressway with paper thin walls…ohhh don’t make me do this!
Bedroom: 6. It’s a fine size…but there’s carpeting and my allergies can’t hack that. But, I don’t know if it’s fair to let that effect the grade…
Apartment Layout: 9: The place is really nicely painted. One red and one orange accent wall as well as neat lamps. The bathroom is on the other side of the living room too, so it won’t be noisy.
Roommates: 6: She’s a 37 year old woman who does theater. I . . . am a bit of an ageist I guess. But, we’d be living such different lives…it would definitively be a okay, so we happen to live together kind of relationship.
Rent: 8.
Random + or -: – 4. The lady smokes…and while she claims to only do so in her room, the smell permeates the space. Yick!

Grand Total: 30/50

I have one more appointment currently — it’s in a higher price range, slightly, and I wonder if that will be the difference. I’ll keep you posted!

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