Posting on Craigslist Housing Wanted worked!

If I were going to bet on whether it’d be harder to find someone to take my Chicago apartment or to find decent housing in New York, I would have said the latter. And, I would have LOST. Big Time. Posting in the housing wanted section of Craigslist was the best idea I’ve ever had. I’ve received over 15 emails and while some have been generic postings that looked sketchy, the majority were from individuals who seemed normal. Of course, you can’t really tell until you meet someone but I was amazed at the choices I had. The only downside was that often people would email the subway stop the apartment was near and not being familiar with New York, I had to pour over the google map trying while trying to differentiate Bedstuy and Williamsburg. ACK.

Luckily though, a girl who’s actually moving to Chicago emailed me about a 2 month furnished sublet in Park Slope starting in the end of Feb and extending to the end of April. I kinda feel like I just won the lottery. In my craigslist post, my headline was that I was from the Midwest; as it turns out, so are she and her roommates — and that’s what appealed immediately to her.

The room itself looks like a garden apartment in the sense that the apartment is the basement and first floor and my room will be in the basement–but she sent me a slideshow and everything looks clean and redone. It may not be perfect (though who knows, it might!), but it will be a great way to get settled without feeling stressed. To those of you attempting the same feat, you might want to look into a furnished sublet. It will give you more bargaining power when looking for that perfect first apartment.

I’ll let you know if it’s as good as it seems when I get to NYC next weekend!

As for my trials in Chicago? Apparently, now is NOT the time to be moving! But I really don’t want to have to pay double rent for March! My roommates and I have gotten a few responses to our craigslist post but nothing has come through yet (eek!). I did post a listing on and will keep you updated on how that goes. I basically referred potential roomies to our craigslist ad while trying to conceal my new perfume. It’s real special — maybe you’ve heard of it…it’s called DESPERATION.

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I've lived in apartments in 6 cities (including 2 foreign countries). Does that make me an expert? As of now, my ceiling isn't leaking and I don't have rodents (knock on wood) -- so I'm going to say yes . . . but ask me again tomorrow:) These days, I'm enjoying life Chicago style, but my years in Brooklyn are never far from my mind. P.S. By day I work at, but these opinions are totally, 100% my own.

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