Making a Moving List and Checking it Twice

Moving into a first apartment in a new city is a challenge, surely – but moving out of the old(be it your college dorm, parents’ house, or your own apartment) is no walk in the park either. When I accepted the new job in New York, my brain nearly overloaded thinking about finding a new place and getting a subletter to take my old place, but the actual move never really occurred to me until about two weeks before D-Day. Would I take my furniture? Would I rent a U-Haul? Would I give away all my worldly possessions to Goodwill and start fresh, making a statement for minimalism? Ack!

So I made another handy-dandy list. What was my priority? Money? Ease? Both? As I’d saved a bit this year, for me the answer was Ease. Making that my priority, I sold all my furniture on Craigslist, threw out/gave away the things I don’t need, and shipped the rest. Part of me dreamt of renting a van and hauling everything cross country, but the hassle of doing so nearly gave me hives just thinking ‘bout it. Six years ago, when I was just starting college, my dad drove the SUV(funny, how it’s SUV’s these days, not minivans), packed with stuff to Boston; I remember being crunched next to the computer monitor in the back seat. Fun times.

But he’s older now, his back isn’t what it used to be, and I didn’t want to bother him. If you have the time there’s no reason why you couldn’t pack up your furniture and hit the road. However, if you’re in a rush, the $300 loss you’ll take when selling your bed is really minimal considering the price of your piece of mind.

Of course, shipping boxes does require an address to ship to. So, while it is doable to move to a new city and stay at a hostel or a friend’s for a couple of weeks while you search, I’d heartily recommend finding a place before you move, either by visiting for a weekend a few weeks before or doing what I did and finding a sublet via el internet.

Currently, I’m sitting in my new apartment/sublet, surrounding by boxes, my only concern being whether to unpack them now…or take that nap and unpack them later. Not too shabby, kids.

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