Lesson learned: Work out the roommate “What Ifs” before moving in

My apologies that it’s been awhile — between being sick AND having to move this week, there’s been precious little time for anything else. Well, aside from saying goodbye to friends and making them lift heavy objects for me. There was puh-lenty of time for that.

But, now that I’m squarely moved into my new Brooklyn apartment (!) and have a week before I start work, allow me to recap. Firstly, there was my subletter quandary. Note the past tense? Was? Yeah, that was finally resolved early this week, but it definitely provided an important lesson: Be Specific About What Is Expected of Roommates When/If They Need to Break The Lease! My roommates and I vaguely talked about it a year and a half ago, but there was no agreements to fall back on even though we had a verbal agreement with our landlord that we needed to give him two months notice if we wanted to break the lease. We had no verbal or written agreement with each other. Luckily, a girl responded to our craigslist post, she wanted the apartment, they liked her etc, and we parted on good terms, but it could have easily gotten messy.

As for being a good roommate vs. being too good a roommate, I suppose that’s another reason, perhaps, not to live with good friends. My roommates have become very good friends, though we were strangers when we met – and keeping their friendship was important to me. Now, if it had stayed purely a living situation of convenience, I doubt I’d have felt the same loyalty to them. I probably would have felt that giving them one month’s notice was enough and g’luck to ‘em! But, well, they’re good people and it’s hard being business like with people you care about.

So, with my replacement signing the lease and giving me the security deposit, I’m officially done with my Chicago Apartment. As for my new Brooklyn Apartment? Honey child, I got to go explore my new hood—so I can give you a better update! More to come!

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