Going somewhere new means leaving someplace else

I accepted a job offer in New York approximately two weeks ago. What I don’t think I accepted at that time, was that my life as I knew it was about to be flipped completely upside down. I know that the theme of this website is new beginning, but that cheesy song lyric about every new beginning coming from some beginning’s end is true as well. I’ve had the flu and been in bed all weekend and even missed my own going-away party—can you tell I’m getting a bit sentimental? Well, that and my roommates have been showing the apartment to prospective roommates and the finality of moving is finally hitting me.

Even though it was stressful not having many subletting bites, it let me focus on a problem (ie finding a subletter) as opposed to the upcoming move. We still don’t have any definite takers, but at this point it’s a fair wager one of the gals would work out. I don’t know what you all have done when you needed a subletter, but my current roommates are very specific about what type of roommate they want to take my place. As my leaving stirs up their lives through no fault of their own, I suppose I feel that morally I really need to accommodate them, even if it meant paying an extra month’s rent. What do you guys think? What should my responsibilities be? I doubt you’ll change my mind about this, but I am curious.

As for what they want: another lady in her 20’s who was straight (to be fair, only one roommate feels this way) and not around a ton. As for what I’ve done so far –I’ve used roommates.com, chicagoapartmentfinders, posted on couchsurfers, the chicagoimprovnetwork, as well as read the housing wanted section of craigslist. So far, I think I’ve had the most success on roommates.com. You can buy a three-day membership for approx: $6, or just long enough to spam every gal between the ages of 20-30. I’ve gotten some responses but so far just a lot of email-tag. We’ll see what pans out this week..

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    Hi Alissa,
    It seems that you are doing more than your share trying to find a replacement roommate. What was your deal when you took the apartment? how long notice did you have to give? Or was that never discussed? There’s being a good roommate and then there’s too good a roommate. A full extra month of rent looks like latter.