Blogger Updates: Jeff in Chicago, Kelly in NYC and Jessica in Chicago

When we first met our blogger Jeff a year and a half ago, he was living in his parents’ basement. After a successful apartment hunt, he found an apartment in Chicago in May 2006 with two roommates. Check out Jeff’s blog for an update on how the roommate situation is working out and what has been an unexpected cash drain.

An update has also arrived from our blogger Kelly, who last reported about her hunt for an apartment in New York City a year ago. She is now 22 and a freelance photographer, living across the river in New Jersey. Read about her real New York City adventure getting picked up by Cash Cab.

Our blogger Jessica is still in medical school in Chicago and has already renewed her lease once. She tells how she found out that your renewal lease may not be the same as your original lease, and how she would have lost a lot of money if she had not read the fine print before signing.

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