Time Flies

It’s almost been a year since I made my move to the Big Apple (well, across the river from the Big Apple, anyway), and I’ve been having a blast.

The Jersey City apartment is still wonderful. I thought it was going to be really inconvenient living in New Jersey, but I’m actually closer to a lot of the nightlife than my friends who live in Brooklyn or Queens, and I pay a WHOLE lot less in rent. Plus, we still have those great amenities like washer/dryer and dishwasher, which almost nobody I know anywhere in the city has.

The only bump in the road came early this summer when two of my roommates moved on to bigger and better things (one’s getting married and the other bought her own place) and the remaining roommate and I had to scramble to find some replacements. This is where Craigslist and MySpace became real assets. We sent out postings and bulletins, hoping friends-of-friends would know of some nice girls we could trust, and lo and behold, we found not one, but two! They’re great girls, and we’re really lucky that we found them!

I would have hated to have to move. The summer and fall are heinous times to find housing in NYC, because this is when college students come back for the semester and businesses do all their out-of-town recruiting. I still check Craigslist now and again to see what the housing market’s like, and let me tell you, it’s pretty scary. I’ve been temping at a really awesome fashion company since January, and even with steady work, I don’t know HOW people afford to live on Manhattan. Lots of roommates and ramen, I guess.

Even though the city is in such high demand and the housing prices are pretty high, I don’t regret the move for a minute. It’s completely cliche to say, but I love New York! There is never a want for anything to do, and something exciting is always happening. In fact, two of my friends and I were recently picked up by the Cash Cab and I got to fulfill a lifelong dream of being on a trivia game show – in a yellow cab, no less! A friend of mine was nice enough to DVR the episode and put our game on Youtube – watch it here! It was seriously awesome, and is just another testament to the fact that anything can happen in New York!

Oh, and I’m still photoblogging (albeit irregularly) about my life in the tri-state area, so if you want to catch up with what I’ve been doing (mostly going to the beach), check it out here.


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  1. Avatar Anonymous

    Did You find a Job?
    I’m looking for a place and a job but I live all the way in Cali.