We’re Going on Hiatus

The Philadelphia search has been such a rough one. I was being picky about the areas I wanted to go, but I know my comfort and safety in an area is definitely a high priority, aside from amenities like a washer and dryer. My friend Terry who suggested us rooming together in Philly suggested maybe he could move up to NY, so I could keep my career. I’m sick of Staten Island (the air quality is terrible and the commute is an hour and half to work), so I suggested maybe Queens or Brooklyn.

Since there was very little time left to look for a place in a neighborhood we knew nothing about, we found an apartment in Staten Island. It’s a one bedroom basement apartment with a full bathroom and eat in kitchen for only $1000 with all utilities included. It allows us to save some money before we do the big haul to another borough. The landlord is awesome because we’re getting a month-to-month lease, so we can move whenever we’re ready. Not to mention she gave us the apartment 4 days before we had to move. Fruit basket for her.

Most of my stuff is already packed, the UHaul has been reserved, the utilities accounts here closed, and today I’ll call my ISP to transfer the service. Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll hop the train to Grant City to pay the month and security, sign the lease and clean the apartment to ready it for Sunday, when we move everything.

So everything is going great. Right now, I’m looking forward to being settled in to another place for a bit until I start looking again, around late summer or autumn. So see you guys then!

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