Heat, but no luck yet

No luck lately. I’ve been so busy at work, that filing through Craigslist, calling and emailing people has been almost impossible. Two apartments I was planning to see in Washington Square West were taken the day before I had the chance to look at them. I called The Chancellor since I’ve seen ads everywhere, and I had a friend who lived there for a while and enjoyed it. For a $750 studio they wanted you to make $31K yearly. Absolutely insane. I’m just starting out and I make pretty much half that. Everyone else I had emailed and called never got back to me, which was really frustrating.

I was staying with a friend in South Philly, so we looked at apartments available on Tasker Street. The area is definitely affordable, with two bedroom apartments at about $800, (I had even found a 4 bedroom apartment for $1100, but it was several streets too far into a bad neighborhood) but it gives me a slight bit of creepy/yuck feeling. It was probably the amounts of garbage in the street and people hanging out on their front steps at night that did it. So for about a day and a half I ruled South Philly back into my potential search, and then back out when I actually thought of living there. Commuting from there is no problem, the Broad Street subway is a really quick trip (make sure you have tokens on you, or have exact change) to Center City, and there was a large grocery store close by, but it really isn’t the place for me. There should at least be some semblance of trees on the streets. I know, not much time left and I’m still being picky.

Another friend of mine graduated this Friday and he mentioned us rooming together. So now my search has been opened up to a two bedroom apartment at a maximum of $1400 in a nice neighborhood. There are some really pretty apartments around the 15th and Spruce. I should call them just to see what the asking price for that area is.

There’s two weeks left in the month, and I am trying to stay optimistic.

Anything can happen, right?

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