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Hi there! I’m Theresa. I’m currently living in Staten Island, NY. I had three roommates there, but they’ve all up and left due to life changes/hating NYC, and I can’t afford to stay there anymore.

I’m looking in Philadelphia, where I went to school and where a number of my good friends reside. I’m pretty much looking at the Center City/ Rittenhouse/Washington Square West districts; it’s a lot more expensive than University City, and South Philly, but the area isn’t as shady. It’s a business district, but anything you need to get to is a quick walk or subway or bus ride away, which makes it truly a great I-have-no-car location. I want a studio for a decent price; the high end of my budget is $750. A washer and dryer in the unit or building would be great, but in this situation, I’ll take what I can get. A walk-in closet could seal the deal.

I’ve found some great Philadelphia resources for apartments, of course Craigslist, Philadelphia Weekly, a local newspaper that has classifieds and Philly Blog Forum, a forum that a bunch of locals post in.

I’m already in Philly eating cheesesteak pizza, and looking at apartments…almost. Terry and I headed to North University City and ended up in a shady neighborhood. I didn’t bother looking at the apartment, because the area scared me so. And I didn’t get even close to the later appointment since the street scene started freaking me out. Both places were out of the way from Center City, where I’m looking for jobs.

I have four appointments tomorrow closer to Center City, and one of them is a studio in Rittenhouse (gorgeous area) for $750, gas and electric not included. A friend of mine is also looking at a 1 bedroom in the same building, and that would be great to be so close to friends. Wish me luck!

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  1. Avatar Robin

    I am looking in that area also (would be moving from Long Island……why would you not want to live in South Jersey? Just curious…