The FATEFUL conclusion to the Couch Cover CATASTROPHE!

Don’t ya kinda feel like you’re in a 1940’s movie theater? Watching– as the young heroine battles tragedy and turmoil until finally at last, a shimmer of light descends and she discovers that the young soldier respected her all along?

Well, friends, in my story, that shimmer of light was my self-respect and the young soldier was my roommate(s). In one of your really quite helpful posts, one of you noted that I should buy the slipcover as this was a situation clearly causing me stress(seeing as I was bloggin about it), and that good roommates are hard to come by. That lady or gent was right–$60 is dirt cheap for a good living situation. Not only that, but me buying one myself would mean a swift end to the conflict and thus smooth sailing. I was all ready to concede and told the lovely editor for this site as such–when she responded with, “what makes you think they’ll like the couch cover you pick?” Yick.

So I started considering other options–like the exotic sheet idea that was actually posted underneath the moving the couch post:

—” it might be more fun to find a king-size Asian/East Indian looking sheet from TJMax or Ross for around $30, fit it around the sofa, tuck it in around the cushions, and find an inexpensive rope to braid around the base. I’ve done this and seen it done very well in other homes.”

To whoever posted that, do you have a photo of that finished product? I’m trying to imagine a rope braided around the base of a sofa and, sadly, my imagination isn’t working so well. If you send it, I’d be happy to post it!

Other courses of action included looking at sites like Overstock (also a great suggestion from one of you–thanks!) and Linens N Things, but nothing seemed to match the red velvet couch and I’m not a big fan of neutral colors (eh, boring). Also, disappointingly, there were no interesting patterns to be found, grandmum’s flower patterns aside. But, in the end, my problem was more psychological than physical. Or, physically there were few appealing choices. Psychology, somehow I’d become afraid of my roommates. Lame-rs.

I mean, even though I got tons of advice from ya’ll and usually I’m a go-to type of gal, I suddenly felt paralyzed by the situation at hand, of needing to actually discuss these solutions with my roommates. Would they get mad at me? Freeze me out? Invent a common law eviction? I was in a tornado of a tizzy.

Thing is–as I said in the original post–my roommates are really great. In my stress and worry about what to do, how to be a good roommate myself while also pushing for what I wanted–I forgot that. With a deep breath, I brought it up last night, the first night the three of us were all home together in a few days. I initiated the conversation by saying that I had been looking for couch covers online, but didn’t see any that matched–what colors would they think would match? From there it was determined that those pesky boring neutral colors would get the job done. Probably due to the fact that the majority of readers felt that we should split it (and knowing that I’ll never use a tan slip cover), I brought up that idea of us all pitching in; they were totally cool with it. Finito!

If we were back in that 1940’s movie theater, the heroine would wax poetical about what she’d learned. Since we’re not, I’ll just note that being a nervous and worried and mousy Crazylady is not the best way to spend a weekend. Also, that one roommate’s boyfriend thought my couch looked “nice, like a desert sunset.” Too bad I’m not living with him.

What? Who said that?:) Pictures to follow!

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