Need Judge Judy in the battle of the sofa slip cover

Readers, I’m in a dilly of a pickle with my roommates. So, instead of me advising you this week, I’m crossing my fingers that you can help me by playing Judge Judy. Here’s the sitch:

My living room is set up so that there is a darling red velvet couch in the center. Behind the red velvet couch and a bit to the left is a sunroom. This sunroom has been vacant aside from a leopard-print papasan chair since my two roommates and I moved in. Last month, my parents got new furniture and I inherited a peach and white(a bit tie-died, the peach fades to white which then fades to peach) couch. I paid movers about $100(see my earlier post) to move the couch into our sunroom. Now, my roommates feel that it’s “too bright” and doesn’t match the red velvet couch. I could ask, hey what DOES match red velvet?! but that’s for another day. Right now it’s 2 vs 1.

Herein is the predicament: My very forthright-NO BS-roommate has come to me and asked that I find and pay for a slip cover to sheath the brightness of the couch from our mutual living space. I really like the couch(it reminds me of sunshine actually and I feel it not very bright) but I’ve agreed to cover it up. Who should be responsible for buying the slipcover? Should it be me because I own the couch? Or should it be my roommate(s) as they’re the ones who want a change and thus the slipcover? Should the three of us split it? What’s fair? & What’s the price of good roommate relations? ALSO, what color matches red velvet??

–Some Other Fun Facts.
–My roommate who asked me about the slip cover recently bought rollers for the red velvet couch and is all around very generous regarding apartment matters, buying toilet paper et all.
–She says that it was me who wanted the couch and that she had a chaise lounge for the space. However, we had been living in the apartment for 6 months without so much as a word about this piece of furniture or any action by her to move it.
–I had a matching love seat that I wanted to move in but did not as my roommate was worried about it ‘crowding’ the living room.
— Most of the slipcovers I’ve found online are $60.
–Perhaps most importantly, I really enjoy living with these girls(they’re sweet and reliable and totally fun to hang out with) and want to continue to do so harmoniously…

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Comments (13)

  1. Avatar Applehat

    red velvet and leopard print? haha while I can’t say I have the same the same taste in decor….

    I will say, if they want it covered so badly while you enjoy it, let them each contribute $30 and buy the slip to match the couch

    A sun room might be a common area, but bright colors look nicer and more welcoming in a room with lots of sun light.

    and honestly….the red velvet couch looks like the furniture equivalent of hugh hefner’s nasty old smoking jacket.

  2. Avatar Nishantha

    Really nice one. Color selection is also better. Could you think about my favorite color that is pink? It will be more and more suitable.
    Just got a lovely white lather sofa and I am really surprised how it brightened up all my house.
    white leather sofa

  3. Avatar Anonymous

    How about if I buy that beautiful couch from you and give you something else to make you and your roommates happy? I LOVE that red velvet couch!! Don’t ever get rid of it! Wherever did you find it?

  4. Avatar Alice

    I have to ask: Did your roomates agree to let you bring this couch into the apartment in the first place? Because, if you did it without their consent, I can see why they might be a bit put out. Also,really no offense intended here, but peach fading into white? I’m sorry, but that is just a bit Golden Girls circa 1990, don’t you think? I know peach is a neutral, but yikes!If you already knew the red couch was there, then you also knew this peach thing wouldn’t match. Gotta side with your roommates on this one.

  5. Avatar Anonymous

    i can see you’ve put a lot of thought into this… taking photos and all. but the peach couch looks like it’s straight from the 80s! i say LEAVE IT THERE… no offense to you personally, but it really does look quite horrid. if cost is really an issue and splitting the cost is not an option, put a blanket over it. black would go well with red, but if they’re not in the same room, look at the sunroom and decide what would work better there.
    also, referring to a later part in the post, how is buying toilet paper being generous??

  6. Avatar Anonymous

    I used to use different quilts (you can queen or king sized ones on sale, inexpensively, depending on the size you need) on a worn couch, instead of slipcovers. You can get traditional or contemporary look ones, or very plain ones. I would tuck the quilt in and around the couch in the back and sides. You can also use upholstery twist pins to hold them in place.

  7. Avatar Anonymous

    What if you just got pillow for the peach sofa that matched the red couch? Like try and tie them in together.

  8. Avatar Anonymous

    Red one is great -don’t pay any attention to applejess. How about a moss green cover for the vapid peach one. Split the cost and you’ll keep the cover when you eventually move.

  9. Avatar Applejess

    urmmm I think the wrong sofa is getting the slipcover, the red sofa is awful!! Get a Slipcover for that. The peach one is lovely!! Your roommates have no sense of style

  10. Avatar Linnea

    Given the details in your post, I’d say you all have a reason to chip in and split it 3 ways. Also, I think black would go nicely with red velvet and leopard print. One idea – if any of you are particularyly good with a sewing machine, it would be a lot cheaper to buy some fabric and sew a slipcover. It might even be so cheap that you wouldn’t really mind paying for it yourself. Good luck, whatever you do!

  11. Avatar Anonymous

    I think there are several factors that play into this.

    1. Did you move the couch in without first discussing said move with your roommates? I am assuming that you spoke with your roomates before moving the couch in because you wrote you also wanted the loveseat, but “roommate was worried about it ‘crowding’ the living room.” However, if this is not the case, and you just showed up with the couch and told your roommates you had something for the sunroom, I can see how she could be irritated with the situation.

    However, assuming the first scenario is the right one, I do think it is unfair for your roommate to play the “I had something else I wanted to put in that space” card now if she had no objections to the couch when you discussed it before moving it in. She has no grounds to stand on with that argument.

    2. Is there another place in the sunroom where you can move the couch so it is less visible? If there is, you could bring it up to your roommates as an alternative to the slip cover. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

    3. As you say, you “really enjoy living with these girls” and would like to continue doing so. You might be better off just buying a slipcover to keep the peace. Although, if doing so will make you resentful or feel that you were forced to do so against your will, there may not be an easy solution.

    A case can be made for each situation. You shouldn’t have to buy the slipcover because you don’t want it in the first place. Your roommate shouldn’t have to buy the slipcover because it’s not her couch. You shouldn’t split the cost because then who gets it when you part ways.

    In my opinion, and if it were me in this situation, I would ask my roommates to split the cost, pointing out that the couch is in a common area where all can use it, and that I personally didn’t have a problem with the current color and would be content to leave it as is. I would also point out that, because they felt so strongly about it, I would be willing to pitch in and help pay for a slipcover to change the color, but am not willing to pay for the whole thing because I like the original color. Unfortunately, if you go this route, I think you’re going to have to be prepared for statements like, “But it’s your couch.” And “I didn’t want it here in the first place.”

    I think that having three people live together is hard because, no matter what, in any conflict, there is always a “2 against 1” dynamic, which can create tension and bad feelings.

    It all depends on how far you are willing to bend to keep your living situation on an even keel. Obviously, this has already caused an issue, or you wouldn’t be blogging about it. Have you already spoken with your roommates about the expense of the slipcover?

    Sorry this comment is so long, and again, this is all my personal opinion. Good luck!

    Also, black matches red velvet.