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It’s come to my attention that a faux pas has been made. Specifically, I’ve dropped the ball, lost the leash, and any other apt colloquialism that would express regret and incompetence. Why, you ask? Because while I’ve mentioned Craigslist on many an occasion, I’ve neglected to teach you to really use Craiglist. I mean, pump it for Intel Sydney Bristow-style.

For housing matters, depending on what city you’re in and how many listings there are, Craigslist can be mighty overwhelming simply in determining where these illusive Apts are. For that, check out housingmaps. Once there, you’ll find a map of the city and you can search by price as well as zoom in or out to show the exact street address. What will appear are little markers, yellow(pics) or red(no pics) as well as links to the Craigs description.

Recently, stuck their nose up at the broker situation currently infesting the NYC Craiglist and used a keen way to filter out uninformed and unnecessary posts. You can see how it works here. And check out Lifehacker for more tips on how you, too, can become a Craigslist power user.

Basically, hopefully after looking at a few listings for the city where you want to move, you’ll know what the area is really called as well as what you want. As I’m in Chicago, let’s say I wanted to live in Wrigleyville, close to the Red Line EL @ Addison, and the lake. I put in those key words and came up with this
49 Prime listings as opposed to when I put in Wrigleyville and came up with…380. “Well Played…”, Gawker and Lifehacker.

As for brokers, the funny thing about living in Chicago is that I did the opposite–I put “Broker” into the search engine and the only thing I came up with were apartments that said in capital letters and exclamations NO BROKER FEES. Guess we’re still just a farm town waitin’ for the cows to come home…which I’m pretty much okay with.

As for other search engines–they exist, out there in Internet world. For instance, Byebyelist However, I tried that same search as above and instead of coming up with nearly 50 hits–came up with three. Sometimes, it’s best to stick to the original.

My favorite recent find, though, is the invention of craig2mail You put in your preferences, your email, and the listings come straight to you! Forget those hours of worry while rollerblading that you lost the dream apt because you didn’t check Craigs that hour; you can now be forever plugged in. Easy as—well you prob guessed it from the blog’s subject—Craiglist Pie.

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    Have you heard of LighthouseListings? It’s a rapidly growing website that specializes in just real estate. It’s much like craigslist in that users can enter in their own property listings, but it allows for more powerful searches and has a much better user interface. It currently only services Northern California but it appears that it will eventually go into other markets. So if you live in the Bay Area I would recommend you check it out at