We signed the lease

It sure was nice not to have to spend last weekend looking at apartments. That’s right–we decided to go ahead and take the place in the Mission. In the end, just thinking about passing it up seemed like a bad idea. I mean, the only thing on our wishlist that we didn’t get was guaranteed parking. And although we’ll be spending a little more than we’d planned, at least it will be for an apartment that we know is infinitely better than the cheaper places we looked at (even if there were only three of them). True, there are safer neighborhoods in the city. I think one reason for that is that some of those neighborhoods are not only more difficult to access via public transportation, which is okay for people who don’t have to share a car, but not for us. Another reason is that, simply put, they’re more boring. There isn’t much nightlife, there aren’t as many people around, etc., etc. But considering that everyone we talked to said the same thing–“Don’t go stumbling around drunk by yourself at 3 a.m. and you’ll be fine”–we don’t expect to have a problem.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what the place looks like, you can see photos of the apartment here:

And photos of the garden here:

So like I said, it was really nice to not have to spend last weekend looking at apartments. We enjoyed some really nice weather, ran some errands, watched the Super Bowl, and generally relaxed. That said, now that we’ve got the apartment taken care of, we’ve still got plenty of other things to worry about, even though our apartment isn’t available until March 1. We’re going to need a TV. We’re going to need a sofa. In fact, we’re going to need pretty much everything an apartment needs other than a bed, one dresser, a small bookshelf, a coffee table, and a TV stand (and we certainly don’t have money to burn). We also have to look into setting up TV and Internet service, applying for a residential parking permit, and opening an account with PG&E; (San Francisco’s utility company), not to mention figuring out how we’re physically going to complete the move (i.e. rent a Uhaul or promise our friends beer and food in exchange for help). Yikes!

We’ll keep you posted.

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