Moving and a Shaking( U-haul or I-haul?)

I’ve been looking up moving companies for a week now and have found all these companies with cute-sy allusions to ‘dancing’. There is nothing ‘cute’ about my dad barking in my ears to ‘BEND YOUR KNEES!” But, admittedly, I have enjoyed scanning craigslist to the likes of “Git-R-Done” local moving company and the “I like to move it-move it- movers.”

Personally, I’m searching for movers instead of hiring a U-Haul because, even though I only have one couch that needs to be moved less than 50 miles, all my friends are lightweights. What can I say, the guys prefer Brecht to Bar Bells. That said U-Hauls are an excellent way to go, especially as you only need to be 18(not 25!) to rent one. A cargo van costs roughly $19.95 + $.79 a mile. A ’14 truck that can hold 1-2 bedrooms runs $29.95 + $.99 mile.

If you’re a real go-to guy/gal in my sans-strong-friends position, you could easily rent a U-Haul and put a listing out either on a website like Craigslist or around your building/job requesting cheap labor. Note: in the past, pizza and beer may have served as wonderful inspiration; strangers may prefer money.

Or, you can be a lazy gleeful do-nothing like me. Me, who sees investing an extra $50 to secure two helpers and a van for a total of $95 for the entire job as an investment. I didn’t ask for references because this is one ugly, glorious couch, but if you’re planning a big move, they’re a definite necessity as you are letting these moving folks touch all your goods and oops, hope they’re not as clumsy as me! Also, as it’s winter and not as many people move during times of frigidness, many movers are currently offering winter rates. Also good to know: if you’re moving one-two items, many moving companies will offer a fixed rate up front.

Finally, as for how to pick movers, ask around. Or, ask people on the worldwide web. Sites like Craigslist and Yelp were created for this very purpose—so average joes can get the straight-up truth from fellow joes. Whether you’re moving out of state—or around the block—call someone. Soon. Stressful as it may seem, intimidating as that telephone receiver might seem, as soon as you set a date and time, that breath you let out is going to feel amazing. And by amazing, I mean, ahhhhhhlmost done!

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  1. Avatar Van Man

    I was lucky when I moved last time. My friend had a big van and he helped me a lot. We used his van and more friends came to help us to load this van.