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Jason here. Remember that Mission apartment Jen mentioned on Sunday? The one with the huge garden? Yeah, it’s awesome. It was the first one we looked at, and I don’t think we’re going to find another one that nice (for the price–$1875). It’s one of seven units in an old—but recently remodeled—Victorian house. The unit we looked at has two stories, with the living room and kitchen downstairs, and the bathroom and bedroom up. The downstairs is really bright and open (Jen’s really excited about the amount of natural light), and it has nice and high ceilings, which makes it seem larger than it actually is, I think. Not much counter or cabinet space in the kitchen, but there’s room to add a small island or some shelves.

The apartment is located on 21st St. near Folsom, about a 5-10 minute walk from the 24th St. and Mission BART station (which one of us will be taking). No parking, but I guess you need to get a permit to park on the street, so parking isn’t bad. Or so we’re told. I’m a little worried that the neighborhood is a bit sketchy, but it’s a residential area, and there are a lot of young people in the building who walk around and told us they feel safe there. Still, we’re both going to be walking home after dark, so I’m kinda nervous about that. I’ve talked to some friends who know the area, and they all say that as long as you’re aware of your surroundings (and not walking around drunk showing off an iPod or something), you shouldn’t have a problem. I guess that’s city life.

Anyway, we liked the place enough to put a security deposit down on the apartment, with the understanding that we’d let the landlady know within 48 hours if we do indeed want it (which was very nice of her). Speaking of the landlady, I was really impressed by the fact that she lives right around the corner with her four-year old daughter. Plus she made some really good coffee for us.

We were kind of uncomfortable taking the first and only place we looked at, so we checked out a few other apartments, too. Wow, were they crappy. One place near the 21st St. apartment was brand new, but felt like it was built out of plywood and krazy glue with a thin layer of nasty yellow paint. We also looked at the lower level of a house that opened on a nice garden area, but to me it seemed too much like the basement apartment Harrison Ford rents in The Fugutive. The last place was on Valencia St. in the Mission, and although it was a little closer to the BART station, the building was dreary, the landlord was inattentive, and the floor in the bedroom had a slight slope to it.

So, the next time we post, it might be to say that we decided to rent the first apartment we looked at. I’m guessing this is NOT typical for SF apartment hunting, since another couple we met while checking out the awesome Victorian place (who might be our future neighbors…they’re considering the unit next door) said they had seen over forty apartments and none of them compared to the one we were looking at. That wasn’t encouraging, so we’re seriously thinking about this place. We’ll let you know how it turns out!

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  1. Avatar Kirsten

    Hi Jen – I was curious about whether the rent you two ended up paying was under the "yearly salary divided by 40" estimate advised by this site. I too will be moving to the bay area with a roommate, and I'm trying to figure out whether that's at all reasonable for us. And if limiting rent to 1/3 of income is unrealistic in the bay, what is a good limit?