DC real estate woes

We went to see another condo. It was located on 16th Street- near Dupont Circle, U Street and Downtown-prime property. The ad was in the Sunday paper and we knew it was a good deal at $350’s. First perk; 24 hour doorman. The realtor showed us the condo, on the sixth floor in an older building. The building was the biggest thing. It was one of those classic cathedral types on 16th Street, much nicer than anything being built now. The condo itself showed its age. The kitchen was narrow, the bathroom was tiny and both had old appliances. The way the space was divided it seemed much bigger than the other condo (on Georgia). Between the location, classic building and the apartment itself, it was a great deal for the price. We all loved it. The realtor said they had a midnight offer (so unfair!) but still put the bid in if we’re interested by 9:30pm. All four of us talked. I was so excited. I decided I could pay $600 a month and my sister who has a real job did more. We called and couldn’t reach the seller. She never called back. She must have taken the first offer. Real estate is crazy- we went to see it the first day it was advertised, but for this great condo with a doorman it was too late.

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