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OK back on the search…I went to see the infamous Woodner today. Located on 16th St in NW, it’s prime property and boasts one of the cheapest rents in DC, proximity to the city and Maryland. It also has little businesses inside, a convienance store, video center, a boutique. Utilities are included and it offers a free shuttle to the Metro. I randomly stopped in and the woman at the front desk was very friendly but was about to leave and couldn’t show me around. She encouraged me to come back and gave me the leasing info. At $795 for a studio, its a pretty good deal (not including parking). I’ve known plenty of people to lived in the Woodner as students or when they were getting their first apartment. I always heard Ok things about the place, not ideal but it would do. However, the reviews I read on www.apartmentratings.com (and just re-read) were terrible. One entry was entitled ” Roaches Roaches, Everywhere”. Many of the reviews referenced the apparently incredible bug problem, which is absolutely something I cannot deal with. It’s a shame though, such good real estate with that price. I don’t think I’ll go back to see it. The reviews have definitely scared me sufficiently, and when I mentioned moving in to the Woodner to my dad he laughed with pity.

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